ARCADIA No. 96 – Virtua Fighter 5 R Feature

Som tidigare nämnt i Virtua Fighter 5 R News skulle mer Virtua Fighter 5 R informatino dyka upp i ARCADIA No. 96. Här är översättning (Reno från VFDC) från intervjun med SEGA’s Kataoka från ARCADIA No. 96:

New character talk

In regards to the new characters, they will have their own interesting systems powering them, but Kataoka didn’t reveal what exactly they would be. For the ”familiar” character (the sumo guy), he still gives off the impression that he’s a bit hard to take down. Right now he thinks that they’ll be adding in new elements like unique throws and graphics. Duh. The interview comments about if the sumo wrestler can actually do OM at all lol, and Kataoka laughs and says of course he can do it, even though he looks a little bit too big to pull it off. They actually tried to do a lot of different things with the sumo wrestler, such as taking away the ability to jump, taking away OM, and other stuff, but they felt that going that far didn’t really work out.

For the other new character (karate guy), Kataoka says that it’s a bit hard to explain, but he uses a striking style. He states that it’s a style that is new to the series and hasn’t really been done before in VF. He states that him and his team are creating a type of character and style that people can have fun with. At the moment he can’t give any other details, even something as simple as the name though.

System Talk

Breakable walls will be reintroduced, but not in the same way as in VF4. Now, there will be breakable walls but entire sides of walls can be broken in one shot. In other words, if one segment of the wall is broken, then the whole thing comes down.

The new side guard system is indeed in place, and was implemented as they felt that in VF5 there were a lot of opportunities where you could use a side guard. It’s mentioned that the time it takes for the guard to ”harden” (I’m guessing execution time) is longer than a usual guard, so it’s not like a regular guard. There’s one question that I don’t quite understand though, so perhaps some more advanced Japanese speakers can help me out here. The question asked is ”側面を取った見返りとして、大技を打ちやすくなるとか?” and the answer was ”いい想像ですね.”

I’m pretty sure the interviewer is asking ”If you are turned sideways, it’s now easier for big techniques to hit?” and Kataoka answers ”Yeah, you got a good imagination”. I’d like clarification on this though.

When asked if the side guard is the main change to the VF5 system, Kataoka replies that along with the side guard, there will be a bunch of other changes to the game. Stuff like command inputs for moves may be changed, so something like d/f, d/f may be changed to just forward, and stuff like that. However, they want to ensure that players don’t end up in situations where they think ”eh? I read this guy perfectly but the move I wanted didn’t come out”, so they’re aiming for commands that match the move. On the subject of modifying existing moves, Kataoka says that they’re definitely going to change up some of the moves already in the game. They’ll do their best on their end.

New Rank

Finally, at the end of the interview Kataoka says that there should be new ranks for VF5R.

That’s the interview! There are some sidebar text for the images but at first glance they don’t seem to have any new information… just something to reinforce what’s said in the interview itself.

Edit Note: This translation is a pretty rough write-up of what was said, mainly because I’m at work and I didn’t want to spend too much work hours doing this. I don’t find much time at home to do this because I’m either playing Persona, going to the gym or doing other (paid) translation work, so…

anyway, I feel that other than the Karate guy, Kataoka gave out some pretty interesting details in this interview. I guess he doesn’t want to reveal too much about the new characters since they use new sub-systems that could potentially be copied easily, but oh well. I guess we’ll find out more in the coming months.


3 Responses to ARCADIA No. 96 – Virtua Fighter 5 R Feature

  1. Lau.VF skriver:

    Verkar bli hel del förändringar som vid Virtua Fighter 4 > Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, 2 (nya) karaktärer, system ändring, nytt system tillägg, nya moves, ändringar i animation, ändring i stage etc etc …

    Och det låter onekligen som sumon (Taka?) är av egen viktklass, alltså super heavy weight?!

  2. Bob skriver:

    yeah ska fan testas nya killen, men du!!!

    Kan inte du öersätta det där han hade problem med att översätta? Show off ur skills 8)

  3. Lau.VF skriver:

    Det är bra det han har skrivit. Nu har jag inte hela texten så det är svårt att säga nåt men bara sådär rak översättning blir det väl nåt i stil med

    Som en belöning för att ha tagit sideturned har du möjlighet att lättare utföra stora moves …

    Exakt vad det menas är svårt att säga då texten går att tolka på olika vis.
    ¤ Utföra eller träffa!?
    ¤ special frames fördelning?
    ¤ … etc etc?


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