Virtua Fighter 5 R Loc. Test Report

Nu har det börjat strömma in första intryck av Virtua Fighter 5 R! Inte helt oväntat verkar det vara stora förändringar, precis som från Virtua Fighter 4 till Evolution.
Här är första intrycket av Virtua Fighter 5 R (Makatiel från VFDC).


Virtua Fighter 5 R Loc. Test Report

First let me apologize and say, I suck. I was pretty much unable to get a video. I have half of a match between Jeff and Akira, but it wasn’t even a good match and it doesn’t show anything really interesting. I got caught recording it and had to turn it off in the middle. If you nevertheless want to see it, please let me know and I can email it to someone. Like I said, I have no way of uploading it onto the net.

I do have some good information though. Please keep in mind that all of this was from a location test, which means that much or even all of it could change. In fact, it could change tomorrow. We’ll see.

  1. I have a PDF (1MB) scan of the flyer that was given out during the location test. It contains some (not all) of the new moves for each character and a bunch of moves for Taka and Jean.
  2. Two new characters:
    a) Yes, the karate guy is a guy. He is French and is named Jean Kujo. He is pretty interesting to play. He has lots of charge moves (and I mean A LOT). Looking at the partial move list, 14 of the 20 listed moves can be charged. Cool. He seemed to have some place holder moves (p+k,p is Jeffrey’s p+k,p), but who knows. He also has some weird and interesting crumble / stuns. 66p does this weird stomach stun I’ve never seen before. 3p on counter does like a spinning knock down like Lau’s 6k+g. He’s got some pretty mean looking throws, most of which are a series of strikes. His heavy pounce takes a shit load of time to land. He’s in the air, like flying for almost a second. Looks awesome, but I could only land it once cause it takes so long. He seemed to have lots of canned combos and mix ups. Again, I thought he was damn fun to play, even though I only knew like 20 or 30 moves.

    b) Taka was so, so awesome. I wish he was even bigger, but that’s okay. He’s retained his 180 throw and a bunch of his rush downs as well as his catch throw. He also has this really cool 3 hit string that ends with a shoulder ram. His heavy pounce is pretty much him falling on you. Hahahaha. Awesome. Lots of throws have been reanimated for him specifically. Some of the best ones are with the other characters just struggling to pick him up. Also, knocking him down makes him go nowhere. So many moves and canned combos miss on him cause he’s so damn heavy and just drops to the ground before he can eat the second or third hit. People are going to have to really learn how to play specifically against him again. AWESOME.

  3. System changes that I noticed:
    a) They changed low punch. It has a different animation, seems to have shorter reach and maybe different frame stats. It definitely seemed less useful.

    b) Throws seem to have 2 damage settings. My guess is that if you just get a normal throw off, it does 100% damage, but if you get a throw off during move recovery, you get like 125% damage. For big throws, the damage was HUGE. I’m not exactly sure when you get the high damage throw though. I think this will be a huge boon for grapplers.

    c) No attacks out of OM. OM is the same command (DM + pgk), but you can no longer attack out of it. I also saw side guard a few times but I have no idea what it does.

    d) Rising attacks were changed! I think you can no longer even do a rising attack if you are facing down. I’m not exactly sure, but I was talking to someone there and that’s what he thought too. Crazy!

    e) Watching the VFTV thing while I was on line, I heard the announcer say something interesting: When someone hit a big combo, he said: ”Saidai dameji ni chikai” which means ”Has almost reached max damage” or something like that. I think maybe they’ve added a damage cap. Scaling already existed obviously, but I think we’ll probably no longer see any more 120pt damage wall combos from Jeffrey.

    f) Stages are fucking awesome. There were quite a few awesome ones, my favorite being the rectangular one with fences on the long sides and openings at the ends (kind of like the exact opposite of the subway stage in VF3). Really cool. Also saw the octagonal stage and the stage that switches between fenced and no fences. I also saw a stage that seemed to have a really low fence, like just above your ankles. It was weird.

  4. I was talking to a guy there and we were both surprised at how much seemed to have changed. Lots of attacks seemed to have different properties than what they used to have and there were definitely more kinds of flops and slams and bounds. For example, Akira’s djk on the second kick flops the opponent (slow head over heels like Goh’s catch throw), but it’s a flop from which the victim can recover.
  5. Specific character stuff that I noticed:
    a) They changed a few of the commands for Goh. 6p+k,p is now his two punch combo (6p,p from VF5). It still connects and I think it does the same damage. The original 6p+k,p (elbow combo thing) seems to be gone. However, they gave Goh a couple of nice things to make up for it, the most important being 3p,p (mid, high). Both attacks connect on regular hit and it grants a spinning knockdown. It’s pretty fast, but I don’t think it’s 14 frames. Goh also has a pkp now. The last p doesn’t connect on hit, but if it does hit, it automatically goes into a throw. Sweet. His shoulder ram is now 2_3 p+k, which means (I think) that you can 33p+k it. Sweet. He also has this very short range, long start up QCFp+k, which is like this headbutt. I bet it gives a crumble on hit, but I never hit with it. They also changed the animation for his 270 forward throw. It’s like a slam then a neck break. Still seems to do 70pts or so of damage.

    b) Goddamn Pai is still annoying. I just wanted to say that.

    c) I think Kage’s hurricane stance has been weakened. The 2k,k seems to do much less damage (though it still knocks down).

    d) They gave Jeff a jumping punch/elbow thing just like Wolf. It goes over low punches and sets up for a good combo. Awesome.

    I’m sure I can think of other stuff, but I’ll just post this for now. When I remember more, I’ll post more.


Jag kommer inte att kunna uppdatera allt så jag länkar till den senaste och hetaste nyheten och debatten av Virtua Fighter 5 R tills vidare. Virtua Fighter 5 R Loc. Test Report



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